Weekend Warriors: IRON KINGDOM At The Wisco, Madison, WI

Dripping in power riffs and just as many studs on their denim vests, Iron Kingdom took the stage last Saturday, November 23, 2019, and left the whole dive bar quaking in awe.

The indoor stage for the Wisco seems like it is all of five-by-five inches wide, but the sound and energy this band had came in hard and made it seem like we were all watching an arena performance!

They seem too good to be true. As I was taking shots of their performance, one audience member leaned in to me and asked “Are they original?!” (meaning playing original music, not covers). I told him yes. He definitely seemed shocked as he said, “This fuckin’ shreds!”

Agreed. I, too, was blown away that we were in the presence of such greatness in the neighborhood favorite dive bar.

Iron Kingdom is a power metal band hailing from the Great White North in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Influenced by other such power-driven metal bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden (among others), it’s obvious this band has done their homework on what creating and performing power metal is supposed to be!

I was lucky enough to receive a press pass to shoot as well as have an in-person interview with this incredible four-piece, listed and linked below.

Weekend Warriors Interview with Iron Kingdom at Wisco, Madison WI

It was an honor to simply be in attendance at all, and on behalf of us here at Maehem Underground Media, I would like to thank Iron Kingdom for their time and incredible performance, as well as Asher Media for sending them our way!

Iron Kingdom are on the road now for their North American Road Warriors tour, with only a handful of dates remaining. Go to http://www.iron-kingdom.com for tickets, as well as their music, and don’t forget to get your hands on some of their sweet merch!

FRONT ROW: Iron Kingdom Live at Wisco, Madison, WI

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Twitter: @iron_kingdom


Written by Cat Sullivan

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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