The Stage: The Rave GWAR + Supports

Usually, going to any concert on a Tuesday night is cause for concern. “Normal” people have far too many responsibilities these days. Going to see a great concert in these busy times is rare. Going to a GWAR concert, however, is well worth your time. The show began like a great concert should, the sounds and styles of hundreds of fellow metalheads jamming and clawing their way into The Rave’s Eagles Club. The show was about to begin.

The first thing you see when turning the corner into the hall was the merch booth of opening act, AGAINST THE GRAIN. Quite the selection of good merch to be had. Their set was a mixture of some long-forgotten dirty blues roots with just a smattering of some classic old-school metal. Indeed, the perfect setup to the events that would unfold. Next up was Seattle’s own Toxic thrashers of other masters TOXIC HOLOCAUST; they were brutal! I fondly remember memories of them playing for GWAR on, or around, Halloween 2002! They were great then, and they continue to be the down to Earth, thrash-slinging and heart pounding heavy metal we love. 

Batting third this glorious night of music were long-time heavy hitters SACRED REICH. They were in top form. The sometimes scary, yet melodic, haunting howl of singer/bassist Phil Rind, can be heard from the parking lot. In this band, age is but a number. 23 years after their last album, they have come out with a new bone crushing record, Awakening, available on Metal Blade Records HERE.

Finally, it came time to see GWAR. Starting the set off with an usual twist, Sick of You was blaring in the speakers from the phrase: “Chop that guy’s head off!” The rest of the set left no disappointments as they massacred their way through Bring Back The Bomb and classic thrash sounds from Bonesnapper. The blood was in full flow as beefcake laid it down with Beat You To Death. The biledriver was on everyone’s mind, and bodies, with that intro bass line leading the charge, spraying any poor bastard within a foot of this awesome song! When hundreds of people are sweating and stinking on top of each other covered in blood listening to their favorite band, it truly is a sight to behold (and smell)!

Another fantastic evening of metal to be had here in Wisconsin! For those of you who don’t live around here, GWAR and these other killer bands are still on tour! Click HERE to find a date near you!

Ian Gray
Photos by Ian Gray; Edited by Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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