The Stage: Thalia Hall ORANGE GOBLIN + Supports

I was excited to head to Chicago once again on August 30th; this time to Thalia Hall on the Southside of downtown to see the performance of Orange Goblin with guests Weedeater and The Skull.

The first people I ran into when entering the venue was the band Weedeater; they were a bunch of great guys from North Carolina. “Dixie” Dave Collins (lead vocalist and bassist) chatted with me for a while as he took the time to show me the backstage area at Thalia Hall. They had greenrooms for every band as well as easy access to the rear of the stage from these private band areas, which was a really impressive setup. Their Rodie Deago is a great guy too, and he was sharing stories of all the doom bands he has had the chance to work with, including Weedeater.

The Skull was first to hit the stage as the local support of this show. Being from Chicago gave them an excellent turnout of local fans who came to show support for the band. They have a large local following for sure! I know I was glad to see them performing once again since the last time I saw them was the Chicago Doomed and Stoned Festival, 2018.

Weedeater, who is currently on a midwest tour, was next for the stage. I was excited to see them perform after taking the time to get to know them a bit before the show. Chicago definitely digs Weedeater because as they hit the stage the crowd easily tripled in size! The whole place started really rockin’-I mean literally you could feel the floor shaking! Their performance was just as awesome as they were.

Up next was the headliners, Orange Goblin, who had made their way from the UK for this North American tour. I couldn’t wait to see them as my friend Nick Gurley, a Chicago freelance artist, had been talking them up to me for over 2 years.

Despite all the challenges thrown their way, including government complications not allowing their drummer of 24 years to have a work  visa, Orange goblin risked their bands very existence to come to the USA for this tour. Their dedication to their fan base is most admirable and one that most bands would not risk. I have nothing but respect for this band. Their major influence is Motorhead and thank the powers that be, because they know damned well Lemmy would do exactly the same thing; so divine inspiration brought them here! They dedicated a cover to what they defined as ‘The greatest Rock and Roll band the world has ever known! Motorhead!” Orange Goblin really turn up the juice and got the crowd going by insisting that there be a mosh pit- and there was! At a doom Show! That was great!

Their performance was one that Lemmy himself would be proud of! I would like to thank everyone involved including the staff at Thalia Hall, all the bands, and for those who allowed me to be at this show! I wish them nothing but the best as they continue on their US tour!

-Don Niesen

Photos by Don Niesen
Article Edited by Samantha Crocker

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