The Stage: Metal BBQ- Supporting Cause ‘A’

The weather was perfect! The sun was shining, spirits were high, and summer was in full swing!

Featuring the Track ‘More’ by All Kings Fall

Metal heads from all over Wisconsin came to Schueller’s Great Exspechtations in the small town of Waupaca to take a stand for the art community! Metal met art in this endeavor with many raffle donations from artists and musicians alike!

Some of the people who donated included bands such as Torche, Wizzerd, Black Road, High Gallows, Snow Burial, Frayle, Blood Ceremony, Beetlegork and many more, including the bands who performed that evening: Bitter Cold, Forcefield, Deciphering The Zodiac, Squidhammer Metal and All Kings Fall; as well as many LIMITED art prints; including prints from Chicago artists Iron Wings Designs, Art of Jeff Berner, Jonathan Grimm Art. There were also donations from the local community as well as other Wisconsin businesses. These included art by Judi Niesen (my talented and loving grandmother), a gift bag from the local restaurants Little Fat Grenchens and Weasels Pizza; Dog treats from Front Porch Pets in Wild Rose; vintage clothing from Erin Liz; and unique vapes from Dynavap! Not to mention the top prize custom painted bass guitar from Ben Nendza of Ben’s Dark Art.

The venue began to fill up with fans, friends, and family as we all prepared for an amazing night of food, fun and HEAVY METAL!

First to hit the stage was Bitter Cold from Madison! The stage came to life and just like that the party started! Check out Bitter Cold’s performance below!

Next to take the stage was Forcefield from Oshokosh!

This cosmic power metal band brought the heat (just in time for the feast)! These dudes rock all kinds of big events so it was really cool to have them be a part of ours! Check out their powerful performance below!

Just before Deciphering The Zodiac (of Green Bay) hit the stage we reveled part of the raffle. It was really awesome to see all of the donations go to such happy and supportive people, where they could truly be enjoyed and appreciated.

The sun began to set and Deciphering The Zodiac kept the spirits high with their brutal performance! They really hit my heart when they told me that they made sure to play my favorite tune, you guys are the sweetest! Footage from their performance below!

The darkness had settled in all around us which meant it was time for Squidhammer Metal to SPARK IT UP!

They brought the fire, power and energy to the stage! The party was in full blast now as the Squids rocked the F*CK on!

These guys really know how to put the METAL in Squidhammer METAL..or do they bring the HAMMER..Or the SQUID?? One thing is for sure, no matter what they always bring something extra and we can’t thank them enough for putting in the effort to make our party extra special! Check their live performance below!

Finally it was time for the headlining band and hometown heroes All Kings Fall to take the stage!

They brought the brutality with their performance and made for an excellent ending to an evening of metal! If All Kings Fall is in the line up, you just know you are in for fun and thrashy time! Check out the performance below!

Thank you once again to all of our sponsors and to everyone who came out to show their support! This was our very first summer show and we have something even better in the works for next year so we encourage you to stay tuned! The Maehem team is always thinking of new ways to bring together the music scene, community, and of course new content to you! So please, be sure to invite your friends to like our page, come out to see these and other local bands, and become a part of something greater!

To find out more about Cause ‘A’ please click HERE or visit

Below are those who sponsored the event!
Metal Jim
Ben’s Dark Art
Emily Maehem Photography
Office Outfitters
Little Fat Gretchen’s
Navillus Media
Waupaca Community Arts Board
Steven Vertz – Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group
Schueller’s Great Exspechtations
Maehem Underground Media

-Emily Mae

Photos by Cat Sullivan, Emily Mae, and Don Niesen
Article Edited by Samantha Crocker

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