Maehem News: KOSM Premiere Music Video For ‘Wza-Y’ei’

Vancouver progressive metal band KOSM released their debut “Cosmonaut” during November 2018. A concept album loosely based on the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, along with borrowing influences from the science-fiction of Frank Herbert, and Roger Zelazny, the full length serves as both musical and lyrical adventure. 

The band explains:

“The cosmonaut’s journey is essentially symbolic, serving as a commentary on the human experience: a journey from confusion and anger, to transcendence and self-understanding.”

With praise from their local Vancouver metal scene and beyond for their debut full length, the band is sharing another tribute to the author H.P. Lovecraft that has inspired them, their music, and their latest music video ‘Wza-Y’ei’.

The band adds:

“The word ‘Wza-Y’ei’ is a word in Aklo, the language of the Old Ones. We are interpreting the meaning as something akin to “Om”, or the liberation of the mind. This is a summation of the album themes. Cosmonaut begins with naivety explored in the first track “Space Mead,” but ends in epiphany with ‘Wza-Y’ei’.”  

Check out KOSM‘s music video for ‘Wza-Y’ei’  here

“Cosmonaut” is available on all major digital platforms BandcampiTunesSpotify.

Upcoming Show Dates:
June 14 – Vancouver, BC – Astoria Hastings
June 15 – Kelowna, BC – Muninn’s Post
July 6 – Calgary, AB – County Line Saloon (Decimate MetalFest)

Track Listing:
1. Space Mead (6:07)
2. Cosmonaut (5:27)
3. Colossus (6:38)
4. Wolves Upon The Throne (5:46)
5. The Esoteric Order (6:23)
6. Farseer (6:40)
7. Ancient Heart (5:23)
8. Fiefdom In The Sky (2:15)
9. Omnipresence (4:36)
10. Monarch (7:16)
11. Umbrakinesis (5:23)
12. Wza – Y’ei (4:20)
Album Length: 1:06:21

KOSM is:
Erik Leonhard – Guitar
Mike Slater – Guitar
Jessie Grace – Vocals
Sterling Paterson – Drums
Michael Mastracci – Bass

Follow KOSM online!
Official Site

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