Maehem News: WEST OF HELL Release Official Video For ‘The Machine’

The Release of Blood of the Infidel coincides with this week’s launch of “The Infidels Tour” of Canada with compatriots EXPAIN. Dates and venues are now final (see below).
In case you missed it, check out the official video for “Infidels” at this location. And while we’re at it, enjoy the “Chrome Eternal” official video here.

Rife with old-school influences, yet evolved with a modern sound, Blood of the Infidel blends with deftness traditional metal, thrash, and death metal, built on a foundation of penetrating melodies and progressive song structures. Vocalist Chris Valagao (ZIMMERS HOLE) has reached new heights here, ranging from thick death metal growls to the soaring notes of epic power metal, even adding the occasional harmony! Buttressed with shredding guitar solos, the album benefits as well from focused studio time that resulted in a crushing riff tone, sharp, sinewy bass lines, and a drum performance (studio only) by Vancouver brother Ash Pearson (REVOCATION, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD) that is as taut as it is tough.
Blood of the Infidel was produced, mixed and engineered by Rob Shallcross, and mastered by Greg Reely. Vocals, guitars, and bass were recorded at Infinity Studios in Victoria, BC, while drums were recorded at the legendary Armoury Studios in Vancouver.

The glorious album cover was crafted by band favorite Travis Smith, with album liner design/layout by Kevin Moore at Soft Surrogate.

Dates for “The Infidels Tour” of Canada in April with EXPAIN are below.

4th – Red Deer, AB @ Burgundy’s
5th – Edmonton, AB @ Temple
6th – Winnipeg, MB @ The Windsor Hotel
9th – Sudbury, ON @ The Asylum
10th – Peterborough, ON @ Simcoe
11th – Toronto, ON @ Duffy’s Tavern
12th – Ottawa, ON @ Dekcuf
13th – Guelph, ON @ Dstrct
14th – Montréal, QC @ Piranha Bar
15th – Québec City, QC @ La Source de la Martinière
16th – North Bay, ON @ The Fraser
17th – Sault Ste. Marie, ON @ The New American
18th – Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Pub
19th – Selkirk, MB @ The Merch
20th – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
21st – Calgary, AB @ Dickens
22nd – Drumheller, AB @ Neighbour’s Corner Pub
23rd – Banff, AB @ Bruno’s Bar and Grill
24th – Kelowna, BC @ Munnin’s Post
26th – Vancouver, BC @ The Rickshaw Theatre
27th – Victoria, BC @ V-Lounge

“Blood Of The Infidels has been the most pleasing surprise of 2019, and it surely must be set as a dark horse album for year-end lists. This is something special and begs to be heard by fans of Metallica and Meshuggah alike.” (9.5/10)– The Metal Observer

“Seven brutally beautiful tracks of metal mayhem that demand to be played loud and proud! Every song breathes fire and brimstone on an epic level of heavy metal-ness. Accessible to all metal-heads, across all genres.” (10/10)– Broken Neck Radio

“With blistering progressive thrash riffs, whirlwind volcanic guitar solos, and soaring falsetto from Chris ‘The Heathen’ Valagao, West of Hell holds nothing back on their latest record, delivering a sound that is novel and relevant despite its thoroughly old-school structure.”– Invisible Oranges

“West of Hell possess a credible cocktail of heavy influences, injecting the proper hooks and melodies yet never sacrificing the sound for commercial tricks. Blood of the Infidel has stellar tones and precise songwriting, sure to appease those who desire a bit more power/technical punch in their metal.”(8.5/10)– Dead Rhetoric

“Loving in their instrumental craft, meticulous in their knowledge, and an absolute joy to listen to, any metal fan looking for something that takes a classic approach to metal with a modern flair should be give West of Hell a listen.”– Skulls N Bones

“Hyper groovy thrash metal, all the riffs and meaty hooks you could hope to hear are loud and present across West of Hell’s Blood of the Infidels.” (8/10)– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Blood of the Infidel Track Listing:
1 – Hammer and Hand
2 – Chrome Eternal
3 – Infidels
4 – The Machine
5 – Dying Tomorrow
6 – The Dark Turn
7 – Mankind Commands

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