Hello again, local readers, and gear heads! Mitchel Fulcer here with a pretty cool new version of my article this time around. Due to the current weather, I’ve decided to ask some local musicians to give me the deets on their rig, so I can still keep the readers eyes on what the scene has to offer. For this first article, we get an up close, and personal look at the rig of the controlled chaos that is Ian Smedbron, right from his home p.o.v.

He has crazy tones built for both bands through his Line 6 Helix Floor Processor. “All of my tones for live use are studio tones with a complete signal chain including amp, cabinet,  and FX modeling done inside the Helix. A standard instrument cable runs from the Helix to my Mackie speaker for stage monitoring and then there are two XLR outputs; one runs to the house board instead of a mic’ing a cab for FOH and the other runs to a Behringer XR18 mixer. We use the XR18 in Disgunt and The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture for running backing tracks and samples as well as in-ear monitor mixing”.These babies are packed full of crazy goodies that Ian can explain much easier than I can, so dive with me into this quick rundown video he was cool enough to put together made for us.

His “Battle Axes” of choice to keep his eclectic style tight, clean, heavy, and Sludgy, are an Agile Interceptor Pro 930 (two) – EMG 909 active pickups, with a three-way switch, volume & tone pots; 30” scale in “Double Drop A” tuning AEAEADGBE

Also a Schecter Blackjack A8 – Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient Pickups w/push-pull coil split, three way switch, volume & tone pots; 28.5” scale eight string in “Drop E” tuning EBEADGBE

To accompany the helix in refining the tones manufactured in the Helix, Ian has full control over every venue through his Behringer X Air XR18, digital rack mixer. Ian Tells me how “Having a full-featured mixer in the rack is also a lifesaver on gigs where there may not be a true FOH engineer or the PA isn’t the greatest”.

Also in his rack unit, you will also find some sweet Stereo Wireless rack mount options!

He also trusts Line 6 G30 for his Wireless input transmitters.

To ensure he can hear these tone, and cab simulation creations, he uses a Mackie Thump 12 powered PA speaker/monitor

As if all of that isn’t enough, he gets into all of these nifty specifications to keep him company on stage:

Kalium Strings (9-82 for eight string, 8-118 for nine string)

Winspear Instrumental Company Amber Battleaxe Picks

Planet Waves Locking Straps

LiveWire Instrument and Patch cables

“Check out my bands’ tunes on Bandcamp, Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, and just about every other streaming service you can think of and come see us if we roll through your town”!
Well, there ya have it, folks! A sweet look into the first MIDI board featured artist I’ve reviewed thus far. Check out the bands Disgunt, and The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture, live and in person to get a real feel of what he’s all about. Keep an eye out for my next review. There is a lot more to come! Thanks again for reading, and supporting Maehem Underground Media everyone!! Be sure to check out all of the other killer articles, and reviews we have to offer. Stay safe out there, and thrash Fast!!

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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