Maehem News: FROSTHELM Releasing ‘Pyrrhic’ on March 23

Bismark (ND) – Hailing from the frozen plains of North Dakota, FROSTHELMsummon forth a vile brew of thrashend black metal misery; complete with crushing riffs, haunting melodies and catchy hook-laden songwriting, all cloaked in an aura of visceral melody. On sophomore full-length Pyrrhic, that same combination of elements is present, but a level-jump in both songwriting and delivery results in the band’s most robust, memorable album to date.

Pyrrhic will be released March 23 on CD, limited edition deluxe vinyl, cassette, and digital formats via Revenger Records.

Stream the new single, “Pisslord,” on Bandcamp and Youtube below:

Pre-order Pyrrhic at

Since 2009, this Bismarck based five-piece has steadily picked up steam, earning much praise in the international metal community. The 2012 EP The Northwinds Rend Flesh set the tone for what was to come and was well received by critics. Their debut full length, The Endless Winter, received numerous positive reviews, including being ranked #9 on MetalSucks’ ‘Best of 2015’ list. The acquisition of shredder Billy Zahn helped FROSTHELM push the envelope even further on Pyrrhic.

The album’s first single, “The Sorceress,” was released in December and can be streamed on Bandcamp and on Youtube.

Pyrrhic Track Listing

  1. A Gift of Razors
  2. Serpentine Embrace
  3. The Sorceress
  4. Pisslord
  5. Immortal Nightfall / A Dreamless Lust
  6. Pyrrhic I: Hollow
  7. Pyrrhic II: Looming Dusk

Bernard Pfliger – Vocals
James Cherry – Bass
Dakota Irwin – Guitar, Vocals
Brian Helm – Drums
Billy Zahn – Guitar

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Group photo credit: Banger 18 Multimedia

Album Credits:
Additional synth by Eric Milos
Cover art by Raymond Swanland
Produced by Alec Schneider 
Engineered by Graham Thomas
Makoche StudiosBismarck, ND, January 2018
Mixed by Eric Milos
Mastered by Maor Appelbaum
Layout by V. Chapel
Photography by Banger 18 Multimedia
Vectors by Fivemilligrams

Published by Abby Niesen

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