Album Review: GETAWAY VAN Self Titled

Getaway Van is a foot-to-the-floor rock n roll band that shakes rooms like a straight piped V8! Bringing roots of stoner rock, blues, punk, and folk in a high-octane performance! They just released their self-titled album so get ready to ROCK!

The intro track is a melodic piano piece that morphs into a full instrumental and is joined by a full choir of vocals which concludes full circle back into the piano in which it began. To follow is “Brandes.” This one is an upbeat hard rocker with an 80’s sort of keyboard thrown into the mix. “Coming Back” has a heavy blues groove to it with a bit of that good ole psychedelic flavor.

Track 4, “Follow Me” starts with a fuzzy, groovy doom riff which is complemented by the jazzy, blues style vocals. “Ugh..” is a very relatable title. This tune has a slow groove to it and holds true to the blues roots.

“Black Top Mistress” is a rock n roll story of an addiction to fast cars. Packed with distortion and attitude, this one really gets you going. “You Make Everything” has that ‘big jazz’ band sound. The Bass is hoppin’ in this one and the drumming style has that steady increase of play with the hats. All in all, giving this a kind of swing that sets it apart from that other tracks.

“Lord I’ve Been Running” has a style that hits the mark for those who are in for a real jam. It sort of reminded me of the sort of song that would be featuring in a film. Below is the link to their video in which you can take a listen for yourself.

We finish off this album with the final track “So Long.” It’s got a warm and fuzzy tone to the riffs, and they bring back that blues style vocal delivery and take us right back to where we started with that piano outro.

Getaway Van is a very talented band with a variety of musical styles that captures the attention of many musical tastes. These guys are good for any sort of party setting. Think warm summer nights, cold drinks and good company. If you want your copy of their newest release, be sure to check out the link HERE.

Track List
1. Intro
2. Brandes
3.Coming Back
4.Follow Me
5. Ugh..
6. Black Top Mistress
7. You Make Everything
8. Lord I’ve Been Running
9. So Long

Line Up

-Don Niesen
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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