Album Review: WORMFOOT ‘Vol 1’

Wormfoot’s debut album is so filled with anger, with resentment and darkness that it is hard to put into words. That being said, the intensity and madness in their unique blend of songwriting never seemed to halt, listen after listen. ‘Vol. 1’ is an album that is honest and unapologetic, relatable yet admirable, refreshing yet familiar. It is a completely genuine work of art.

Formed in 2011 in Lansing, Michigan, Wormfoot released ‘Vol. 1’ on December 28, 2018, through Hell-Fi Records. Spanning 48 minutes and consisting of 8 tracks, it offers a distinctive mixture of sludge, crust, doom and blues rock. Throughout those 48 minutes, the band embraces a darker side of life that most tend to shy away from. Lyrically dealing with overcoming personal demons and the threat of poverty, violence, and addiction, ‘Vol. 1’ is an album that acts as a beacon for those that feel lost, enraged, or hopeless. The emotions that were felt in the making of this album are recurrently present, sending the listener into a state of vehemence and fury.

In short, Wormfoot has created something that is completely unlike anything that has come before them. Their approach to extreme music is something that will set them apart from many as a group that isn’t afraid to take risks to break the mold that has been set on the genre of metal.

Current Lineup:
Uriah Baker – Vocals
Jay Goldsmith – Guitar
James Hunnicutt – Bass
Derek Vaive – Drums

Listen/Download at:

Connect with Wormfoot online!

Zach Schmitt
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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