Mason Berglund’s black metal solo project, Abamath, and Levi Berglund’s Ambient Dungeon Synth solo project, Subterraneum have combined their powers of metal to release this fantastically dark full album release!

The first four tracks are written and performed by Abamath (recorded at The Gork Hut 2018-19). A killer grouping of epic black/doom metal riffage with relentlessness screams; giving you the bone-chilling illusion of pain and passion.

Each tune is different from the one before it while holding an identifiable tone and personality; definitely a dynamic that I can get behind. The rock solid stability in the rhythm section and tone of the bass fill in the low end perfectly. Not too little, and not too much. There is even a taste of Opeth style and swing throughout that I can really dig. My personal favorite track of these four is the third track: “Inferno Caressed The Alar Of Menticide” I’m all about groove, and that tune’s got it!

This badass collaboration takes a fast turn for what I could never expect. Subterraneum is all instrumental with the high intensity and epic nature of scoring you’d hear in all your favorite video games from youth. The attention to climatic intensity is absolutely 100%. The addition of a multitude of tones, synthesized melody, and percussion throughout these tracks really pull your mind into some crazy directions. I would really like to hear more!

First off, let me just say that this was really cool. The two bands complement each other very well in this 9 track collab. A band like Subterranium is something unique I feel only a few other musicians have tried to do as a side project. To see other friends and band-mates making this kind of music and releasing it interdependently is nothing short of heartwarming to me.

That being said, I hope you all enjoy your journey through this insane album, I know I did. Check out the album for yourself HERE!

Keep an eye out for other upcoming shenanigans from Team Maehem and as always be safe and THRASH FAST!

Track List
1. Abamath – Humanity’s Virus in Crimson
2. Abamath – Imbibing the Mana of the Ancient Wood
3. Abamath – Inferno Caressed the Altar of Menticide
4. Abamath – Hailing the Mystic Portal Through the Path of Darkness
5.Arcane Rites
6. Aurelian
8. The Great Hall
9. Siduri

Connect with the bands online!

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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