Album Review: IRON FIRE- ‘Beyond The Void’

Denmark’s best selling power metal band Iron Fire is still alive and kickin’. Eighteen years ago when a new millennium was entered, the Thunderstorm album struck the world and is today considered a Danish power metal cult classic. Now, with the upcoming release of their album Beyond The Void they are continuing to take the power metal world by storm!

I’ve always been a fan of bands that have an adventurous, epic nature to them; especially bands that lean towards the heavier/thrash side of the metal edge. If you’re a fan of those kinds of bands as well, I advise you to check out this twelve track power thrash beauty!

The title track kills with unique twists on a few classic rhythms and techniques. Passionate lyrics lead you into their world of adventure and fantastic tales. Although metaphorical, you can feel a relation to the empowerment and desperation in the tracks like “Judgement Day” and “Final Warning.”

Don’t let that fool you, these metalheads keep it heavy and get you banging your head with thick groove riffs and a heavy punch. Track 9 “To Hell and Back” is a great example of that! This album is electric! Iron Fire really does a fantastic job of touching on a bit of every style of old school metal. From epic to almost radio-friendly jams like “One More Bullet”- then taking it to level 10 spinning the pit lovers throughout the entire album.

As a guitarist, I’m in love with their solo style. It’s never ‘too much.’ A lot of modern guitarists have been focusing on sweeps and trying to jam pack every inch of space as much as they can. While in a necessary context that can be amazing; the guitars in the album really sing and create a full atmosphere. I’d expect nothing less from power metal, and I was not disappointed.

In conclusion, I honestly think this album is really sick! It triggers a lot of nostalgia from my metal infancy days. I never get enough of great music played from a new perspective. Thanks for hanging with me guys and be sure to check out our other great articles and reviews!

Be sure to pre-order your copy of Beyond The Void today HERE!

Track Listing:
1 – Intro – 00:39
2 – Beyond the Void – 04:02
3 – Final Warning – 03:55
4 – Cold Chains of the North – 03:39
5 – Wrong Turn – 03:43
6 – Bones and Gasoline – 04:53
7 – Old Habits Die Hard – 03:51
8 – Judgement Day – 04:33
9 – To Hell and Back – 03:26
10 – One More Bullet – 04:06
11 – The Devils Path – 03:49
12 – Out of Nowhere – 03:32

Line up:
Martin Steene – Vocals & Bass
Kirk Backarach – Guitar
Gunnar Olsen – Drums

Label- Crime Records

Follow Iron Fire online below!

Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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