Extended Play: OUR LAST VISION- ‘Cold World’

Our Last Vision is based out of Marinette, Wisconsin. They consist of four dedicated members who continuously push each other to reach their furthest potential as musicians. They play all original music that could be best described as hard rock that touches some alternative metal elements.

Their debut release Cold World is on its way and we got to take a first look at this killer EP! This highly anticipated rocker is just what fans of Our Last Vision are looking for. This album begins with a real head-banger. “Creation” is a track that fills you with the spirit of determination. This track gets you pumped up, and there are all kinds of hooks that grab hold of you and pull you into this album! “Make Me Insane” takes me back to my angsty years. This track is emotional and passionate. The style reminds me of Seether in their best days, back when they released Disclaimer; with a hint of Shinedown (as they were). Our Last Vision shares that same hard rock attitude and applies it to their style to bring forth the voice of today’s generation.

“Cold World” is the title track and is perfectly placed in the climax of this release. The intro creeps in slowly and has a graceful build up. This track gives you an overwhelming feeling to stand up and fight; conquer your fears and take back what’s yours! “The Lights” has almost a blues-rock kinds of flavor to it. This track is honestly my favorite one. I like the attitude and aggression that this track brings. It helps it stand out against the other tracks for sure. Also, just as a personal preference, I always dig tunes with passion and aggression behind them. Maybe I’m just an angry person, who could say. (Except probably all my friends laughing at this now!)

“You Made Me” keeps the flow going. I like the balance of back up and front vocals. It has a catchy flare that draws you in; the chorus is especially beautiful. Everyone comes together in this track for a really tight sound; there is also a bit of a spotlight moment for everyone as well; with a tiny bass solo and an epic guitar solo as we begin to reach the end of the track. “Forsaken” is the final track of Cold World. I’m drawn in by that cool little bass lick at the beginning of the track. This bass in this track is really poppin’. It’s cool how sometimes just a small detail can add such a unique element that changes the whole vibe of a song. “Forsaken” is a much harder track overall. It’s lower, slower, and more steady than the others. The vocals are also much more aggressive; adding a strong and sound finish to this release.

Our Last Vision has proven with this debut that they are ready to take their career to the next level! Want your copy of Cold World? Catch them LIVE at the Lyric Room in Green Bay, WI. April 6th at their official release party! Ticket Link HERE

1. Intro
2. Creation
3. Make Me Insane
4. Cold World
5. The Lights
6. You Made Me
7. Forsaken

Line Up:
Nate- Guitar, Vocals
Joey D- Guitar, Vocals
Cødy- Bass
Neil- Drums

Follow Our Last Vision in the link below!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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