Extended Play: ASHES OF ALEXIS-‘Catharsis’

Ashes of Alexis are the newest upcoming deathcore band from the Fox Valley in Wisconsin. They have just released their very first EP Catharsis which is available now HERE.

This EP release is for those of you out there you love your metal on the extreme side! If you love those heavy, low, and gritty tones, this album has got it all. Catharsis packs a real punch with 5 tracks of insanity!

Ashes of Alexis has a really tight sound. The quality of this album alone is engineered really well also. Each track is packed with everything you love about deathcore-vicious vocals, thunderous beats, and brutal guitar force. The lyrical content is very thought-provoking. There is an actual story in there, which if I am being honest, can be kind of hard to come by in the more extreme genres at times. Now, calm down, I’m not saying ALL the time, just, some of the time. But, Ashes Of Alexis smashes the stereotype. The guitarists combine very well; I can tell the differences in styles, but both are producing excellent hooks.

Each track adds its own element to Catharsis, each one securing its place on this EP. However, the track I personally think stands out above the others is “Leave the Frame.” There’s just something about this tune that I really enjoy. The content is heartfelt and desperate like it’s pleading to some force to stop the torment in their soul.

The finishing track “Driftwood” is also unique from the rest of the album. This tune is less extreme and a little more on the slower. I honestly also really enjoyed this track and wouldn’t mind hearing Ashes of Alexis touch more on this style within their music. I’m not saying anything against the rest of the tracks, just simply that there was something about this track that stood out to me. It had a more unique style to it than the others did and the other vocals combine really well. The clean vocals balanced out the more ‘demonic’ ones and the guitar solo was epic! “Driftwood” seemed to reflect a different side of this band and it really showed off a lot of their potential.

This album hits you on that deep primal level that only death metal or death core reaches. The deep recesses of the mind and soul. Catharsis is hard, heavy, and aggressive. It showed a lot of emotion and was a great introduction to Ashes of Alexis!

1. Breath Slower
2. Lucid is Lackluster
3. Leave the Frame
4. Flashes of Blue and Green
5. Driftwood

Robert Ellis – Vocals 
Tyler Wells – Guitar/Vocals 
Josh Bradford – Guitar 
Andy White – Bass 
Kyle Cowling – Keys/Vocals 
Brandon Dodd – Drums 

Follow Ashes Of Alexis online in the link below!

Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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