MAEHEM MAKEUP: Local Band Inspired Makeup Tutorials with Cat

New segment time!

We’re always looking to bring something new to our platform and reach as many people as possible. Personally, we thought something was missing from our blog. We got the pictures, we got video, interviews, footage of live gigs, even our own “tv show” hosted by Ian Gray…what else can be brought to the table you ask?

We were talking one day about bringing some more personal stuff to the blog, to aim not only on the bands themselves, but to the fans. Fashion? Hm…maybe. Hairstyles? Well, frankly, in our experience metalheads have four hairstyles–long, bald, mohawks and dreadlocks. Not much to do there… Then it hit me…

Makeup! Something for the ladies (or, whoever enjoys makeup) that wanna get extra spiffy out at gigs! How do we incorporate that into the blog? Simple: each look will be inspired by a local level band’s song.

First up to bat–we chose Madison locals Cast In Fire, and featured their song “Suffocate”.

We would love to know what you think of this new segment. In fact, if you feel so inclined to try this “Suffocate” makeup look, we ask that you not hesitate to send pictures to our facebook page to show off!

Bands, also feel free to send us a message anytime if you would like to inspire a makeup look to feature one of your songs on the blog!

Without further ado, below is our video brought to you by Maehem’s own resident punk and licensed cosmetologist, Cat!


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