Album Review: PUPPY ‘The Goat’

We kick off The Goat with their first track “Black Hole” which debuted with a view release that sort of goes through the time leading up to the actual release of their album. Honestly, after listening to the album, this very first track has a special place in my heart. It really reminded me of Green Day; something about the lyrical content and the way in which it is conveyed vocally touched my soul.

“Vengeance” is a bit heavier than “Black Hole.” You definitely feel more of the metal influence in this one. I love songs about the triumph of revenge, I just do (could it be a Libra thing? I’m not sure, most people don’t believe in astrology anyways).

“Poor Me” is a brilliant ‘hello’ to the 2000’s alternative rock genre. The groove has that tasty “optimistic melancholy” if you will. It’s angsty, passionate, and you just can’t get enough of those hooks! The chorus is just so catchy! I’ll be looping this one in my brain for sure. The way the guitar leads flow underneath adds a unique spin on this tune as well. “Just Like You” has melodic backup vocals, heart pounding beats; and a bass solo that seriously gives me life! The guitar solo is also to die for- this one is a real rocker for sure.

I can really feel that 80’s metal influence in “And So I Burn”-especially in the intro. Simply put, this track is just a jam! The track to follow is “Entombed.” This track has that nue-metal bounce with the signature chuggy riffs. However, they have really cool pinch harmonics that add a different twist to this style. If I had to compare it to something I would say something like a combination of Deftones, Tool, and maybe just a hint of Sevendust; with of course the good ole’ Puppy spin on it.

“World Stands Still” carries on a bit of that Nue-wave feel into it as well. The drum beats sort of reminded me of Godsmack, especially in the drum solo!  The guitarist continues to blow me away with these shredding solos! I have to also add how awesome I think it is that so far, every member has had a special time to shine with their own solo moments.

“Bathe In Blood” begins thrashy and then cuts into a more epic and melodic feel. I was expecting this one to be a fast thrasher but then it took a different turn, which hey, that’s not at all a complaint. Just a surprise! “Nightwalker” is another slower tune. It’s a groovy, savory jam. When the female vocals chime in, I immediately think of Avenged Sevenfold and it makes my cold heart warm. (20-nine-scene WHAT!?)

“I feel An Evil” is a perfect blend of punk and alternative rock- with a nice splash of metal! I must say I am digging the different take on the vocals in this one too. It adds a different attitude to the whole track, and I honestly loved it. “Handlebars” has more of that angsty crunch mixed in with that nue-metal rhythm and sweet guitar riffs that carry us into the final track “Demons.” I’m wondering if this track might have been the inspiration behind the cover, but that’s just my own random thought. This track is a heavy one, coming together for one last ‘hurrah!’ I’m now seeing where people get the idea of Iron Maiden in this album-The way the rhythms come together with the guitar solo definitely has me reflect on that.  As the track progresses we come to a chuggy, heavy breakdown, which is unique to this track. It makes for a very strong finish to this amazing and dynamic album!

This band is like, well it’s like a puppy, (as the band name would imply) and who hates puppies?? No one! But the album The Goat itself, for me is like goats and I LOVE GOATS!! In all seriousness, this was like if everything I loved about the 90s alt rock/punk scene married everything I loved about metal in general and then gave birth to this album! Puppy has displayed a very dynamic flow. They’re catchy, unique and stand all on their own. Honestly, I heard a lot of songs that could easily be hits on charts all over the world! If I turned on my radio and heard them on it, I definitely wouldn’t be surprised. I think Puppy has a very bright future ahead of them, and The Goat is simply just the beginning.

Track List The Goat
1. Black Hole
2. Vengeance
3. Poor Me
4. Just Like You
5. And So I Burn
6. Entombed
7. World Stands Still
8. Bathe In Bloood
9. Nightwalker
10. Handlebars
11. Demons

Label- Spinefarm Records

Billy Howard
Jock Norton
Will Michael

Connect with Puppy Online
Official Site

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