Album Review: LORDS OF THE TRIDENT-‘Pull The Plug’

Lords of the Trident are at it again! We never know what to expect from these dudes, but it’s always something of epic proportions. This time the Lord’s have busted out their grandpas-guitars to lay down some sweet and savory jams for their acoustic release Pull the Plug. This album is also their very first 100% Patreon funded acoustic release! You can become a Patron for Lords of the Trident HERE

Who out there remembers that awesome, yet sadly short time period where MTV Unplugged was a thing? Well, I do, and some of the most profound artists where there before us, live, raw, and beautifully real; bringing a whole new life to our favorite tracks. This is the first place I was brought to with this album. Right from the very start their first track “Knight’s Of The Dragon’s Deep” takes hold of your heart and imagination.

As we progress through the album, we experience brand new versions of some of our favorite songs Lords has to offer, and therefore, we get to go back in time and through the career of The Lords of the Trident. The first track I heard off of this release was “Alone in Cole Hall” which is a throwback to their very first album- Death OR Sandwich. You can hear this version in the video below!

We have a little bit of something from each album, it seems, including “Face of the Enemy” and one of the biggest fan favorites “The Metal Sea” both of which are from their album Chains On Fire; as well as “Song of the Wind & Sea” from their release Plan Of Attack.  We also have unplugged renditions of “Zero Hour” and “Chasing Shadows” from their most recent release Shadows From The Past.  This release also includes covers from other artists features including LOTT own version of  Extreme’s Track “More Than Words” and Kansas’ incredibly famous rock ballad “Dust in the Wind.”

Lords of the Trident has done it again- bringing their unique mark to the metal community by taking these thrashing metal beasts (the tracks) and taming them into soothing, soulful and loving creatures. They stole my heart with this release, and really, I am okay with that.

Track List for Pull The Plug
1. Knights of Dragon’s Deep
2. Face of the Enemy
3. Heart in the Fire
4. More Than Words (Extreme Cover)
5. The Longest Journey
6. The Metal Sea
7. Zero Hour
8. Chasing Shadows
9. Alone in Cole Hall
10. Dust in the Wind (Kansas Cover)
11. Song of the Wind & Sea
12. Shattered Skies

Be sure to catch the Lord’s out on the road!
Follow them online in the links below!
Official Site

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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