Album Review: SIMPLY MEGGO ‘Behind Green Eyes’

Simply Meggo is, quite simply, a three-piece punk band from Waupaca, Wisconsin. Describing themselves as passionate, edgy and thrashy, I can definitely get behind this band. They are reminiscent of Bikini Kill, Distillers, and Slant 6–the raw, simple, to the point, get-you-dancing kind of boppy punk. Personally, it’s giving me life.

And I’m here to review their newest album, “Behind Green Eyes”, which debuted the first of this year.

Track 1: All About Me

I knew I was going to dig this band as soon as this song started playing. It’s a very “Let’s head down to the pier and kick rocks and wonder what we’re gonna do with the rest of our lives and drink beer” kind of song. Preferably good ol’ PBR if you have the choice.

Track 2: Red

Aside from the production quality being different from a technical standpoint, I would have likened this to being a song by Blondie before they got too poppy. This song isn’t even two minutes long, but a song doesn’t have to surpass three minutes to get stuck in your head and make you feel like dancing.

Track 3: Attachment

This song brings up feelings similar to those that Fugazi gives me; it’s funky and you can tell that the heart is open for the world to see, whether that’s a good or bad thing. Does it matter? No it doesn’t. This song is like that Facebook post you spend 20 minutes typing and deleting, and typing and deleting, and finally share. Maybe you get three pity likes from your best friend, your mom and that one dude you never talk to but exchange likes back and forth. Nobody cares, but you feel better for getting it off your chest anyway. Maybe you’ll delete it later, but you put it out in the ether for the time being and that’s all you wanted.

Track 4: Sharp Shooter

Another song that reminds me of Fugazi. Do these guys even listen to Fugazi? I bet they listen to Fugazi. If not, they should so they know what I’m trying to get at here. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing…if you like Fugazi. Which, you should.

Track 5: Better Than You

“I don’t have the time to sit and think about what makes me sad/ And if you don’t wanna be in my life, I’ll leave you back” 

This track is the epitome of the mentality that more and more people nowadays are adopting, which is making the conscious decision to cut out toxic people like you never knew them. Act like you don’t care, because you mostly don’t and you know you made the right decision to chuck this shitty person to the curb and sooner or later your life is gonna be better without them there. You’re better off without them, you’re better than them. You got better things to do, and better friends. Fuck em.

And you can also dance as you pick up your scissors with which you cut that douchebag out.

Track 6: Discovery

Halfway through this album and they have yet to disappoint me with that fat, warm tube amp sound in the guitar and vocals. So new-wave, so hypnotizing. As I’m listening to this song for the first time, I imagine Megan (lead vocalist) as a snake playing guitar and winding around the mic, charming the audience into a trance, pumping everyone up to get ready to go, go, go!

(How does a snake play guitar you ask? Don’t worry about it. It’s imagination and this is my article.)

Track 7: Pile

“Here I am a pile on the floor/ Only if I could be a little more”

Another great “Fuck you, you’re not worth my time” track. I gave you my time, which nobody has much of in the grand scheme of things, and you. Fucking. Wasted it.

And now I’m gonna kick your ass…metaphorically…with this tasty guitar lick. Don’t ever talk to me again kthxbyeeeeee.

Track 8: F00l

Man, what a FAT sound! The kind that wraps you up like a warm hug from your best friend with whom you just spent the last hour and a half drinking coffee and bitching about all the shitty people that seem to find their way into your life. Whatever, doesn’t matter. You’re just a dick and I’m no f00l.

Track 9: Frienemy

This track is very White Stripes: driving riff, simple chant-worthy chorus, a loogie in the face of that friend who’s really bad at being a friend. Simply Meggo wants you to sympathize and realize what they have: if you’re sick of wasting your time, know that you don’t deserve that and deserve better, and shut the door in their face.

Track 10: Untitled

Ah, I love untitled tracks; leaves a lot of room for interpretation into what the song is about. Sounds like someone desperately wants another someone that understands the person that they are. They don’t need flowers and grand romantic gestures, but they don’t need piles of lame-sauce either. Why is that so hard to find? All they want, all anyone wants, is someone to hold them tight and make it feel like everything is alright. Is that so much to ask for? Sometimes, it seems like it is. Don’t worry, you’ll find it one day, just like the person in the song does.

Track 11: You Deserve Better

There’s a person in this relationship that is way better at being in relationships than the other. One person is holding back, the other is being considerate. One is cold, one is warm and welcoming. This other person is so great, it’s unbelievable that they are with the other. It almost seems wrong…is this the way it should be? Maybe they deserve better. No, you know they deserve better. Well, that sucks. On to the next, I suppose.

Track 12: Going Gone

To wrap up this album, there is one message that is to be taken away from this collection of songs: “Bye. Take care. Write or call when you get there, but if you don’t, I’m not gonna let anyone know I’m sad about it. I don’t care. You suck. Please don’t go. God, you suck so much. Get out of my face. I hope you’re happy. Fuck you. Loser.”

All in all, if you’re a punk like me who just can’t get enough of those early 80’s basement bands, Simply Meggo is worth a shot. To be honest, I can’t believe a punk band this cool came out of Waupaca county of all places. If I could throw this band on a set for an ideal raw night of punk, they would be gracing the stage with Bikini Kill, Bruise Violet, and (you guessed it) Fugazi. They can take all my money for the cover charge, I don’t care. I want to hug each of them for bringing this nostalgic, honest sound back into the local scene. I know I’ll be picking up a CD when I go out to see them next time…maybe they’ll swing by Madison soon. *hint hint*

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Cat Sullivan
Edited by: Emily Mae

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