Album Review: BOOZE CONTROL-‘Forgotten Lands’

Oh Yeah– Mitchel here with another album review! This time around Booze Control is the name and rockin’ is the game! This German “old school” metal band really captures the attitude and vibe of what we really loved about the greats like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Let’s break this down and see what makes these dudes groove through their new full length album Forgotten Lands!

We begin with the title track of the album-“Forgotten Lands” A great tune choice for the first track! It kicks with an attitude and style that really brings me back. The vocals were a breath of fresh air as well; very consistent and effortlessly so. The sound as a whole feels warm and electrifying making this a rock solid and catchy jam. The second tune “Attack of the Axemen” starts out a bit slow, but it hooks you hard with the riffs and a Nicko Mcbrain-style groove (drums) and driving fills underneath the intro of the lead section and bringing the entire tune together with a smooth outro.

In the next track “The Nameless” we catch a bit of a punk vibe at first. As it develops, it flows into more epic licks creating diversity throughout without going too far out of reach. Of course, there is plenty of blood-curdling highs that we all crave as well! “Of the Deep” is a track as sweet as it is thrashing! This tune brings alive the style of Metal Church within the vocal patterns. Booze Control pulls you into their world with this one- something I am definitely loving as a fan of the heavy metal world. With a sprinkle of blues at the end, this track is catchy and relentless.

“Spellbound” is thick with rhythms that really keep my head banging- I love me a classy drum intro! The tempo cut was perfectly timed throughout, giving me even more curiosity to the band’s influences. “Slaying Mantis” is adventurous and straight up rock n’ roll! This groovy jam takes you to the wild jungles, tasty riffs, and beyond- to playing with fire with extra spicy bass fills! Unique metaphors and killer breaks that send you in a march to war! “Thanatos” is a classic thematic jam that comes alive with thunderous drum patterns and duel solos that never get old; Booze Control represents its place well!

“Doom of Sargoth” gives you a groove to love right out of the gate. I enjoyed the ancient Egypt-esque feel of this tune. The scattered and full bass chords give it a great kick in the lower end! This brings us to the finishing track of the album-”Cydonian Sands.” It has a full intro to pull you in for one last adventure. I dig the progression of this song. The rise and the fall of it creates a powerful ending to a powerful story.

As a whole, I really enjoyed Forgotten Lands! The thrash meet-up with power-metal is really something I have only heard from the “greats” if you will, but these dudes really get metal! You can get your copy of Booze Control’s Forgotten Lands February 22nd! Keep your eye out for these guys-you don’t want to miss out! 

 As always- THRASH FAST!
-Mitchel Fulcer

Forgotten Lands Track Listing
1. Forgotten Lands
2. Attack of the Axemen
3. The Nameless
4. Of the Deep
5. Spellbound
6. Slaying Mantis
7. Playing With Fire
8. Thanatos
9. Doom of Sargoth
10. Cydonian Sands

Label- Gates Of Hell Records

Booze Control is:
David Kuri- Guitar / Vocals
Steffen Kurth – Bass
Jendrik Seiler – Guitar
Lauritz Jikge – Drums

Check out Booze Control online!

Edited by Samatha Crocker 

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