I like Coasting because they check all the boxes for what I look for in a punk band:

Lots of fun and plenty of “Fuck you!”

On January 5th, Coasting played the Majestic for the first time at Madison’s Punk Fest. Starting the show off as the second act, the crowd was ready and waiting with a chant filling the venue.

TJ (vocalist and bassist) would later go on to say, “It’s crazy, there were people that we knew like always, but there were a LOT of people we didn’t know, chanting our name…this is big for us. We’re not used to that.”

Judging from the wall to wall packed house (I’ve never seen so many punks in one place!), it’s obvious that Coasting is gaining more and more popularity in the South Central Wisconsin punk scene with each bill that they appear on.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys up in the green room of the Majestic for a quick interview after their energetic and awesome set.

Giving some history of the certainly soon-to-be-infamous Coasting, as well as a teaser to some things such as a possible new EP coming soon, I am excited to see where Coasting goes.

Connect with Coasting

-Cat Sullivan
Edited by Emily Mae

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