Album Review: Serpents Of Dawn ‘Into The Garden’

SERPENTS OF DAWN delivers a sound that is equal parts doom and traditional heavy metal riding together atop a pulverizing 70s groove. Serpents’ memorable riffs and compelling leads are provided by guitarist and founding member Kyle House. House has demonstrated a colossal aptitude for riff writing in his other band – crusty death metal destruction unit, ACEPHALIX – and his “knack for catchiness,” as recognized by Pitchfork’s Andy O’Connor, is on full display in SERPENTS.

House’s righteous axe work is supported by the locked-in rhythm section of Patrick Crawford and Michael Scanland and is rounded out by the cavernous death-doom delivery of vocalist Stephen Wallace. The sum of these collective parts is the aural equivalent of a lumbering, denim, and leather-clad, chopper riding beast. Think “Onward to Golgotha” era INCANTATION doing vintage LEAF HOUND covers, or CORRUPTED if they were obsessed with MOUNTAIN’S “Climbing!”

‘Into The Garden’ begins with the track “Spirit.” Lyrically I can see that interpret that he knows he has a spirit inside and he has ‘seen the light.’ He proceeds to say that if you have not seen this light you will see it when you die. I like how the vocals are gritty with a low growl to them, yet I can understand what the vocalist is saying. It’s heavy without crossing the line to full death metal growling. Track 2 is the title track of the album- “Into The Garden.” This one starts with a quicker tempo, more like heavy metal but then smoothly grabs a doom groove as it progresses through to the chorus. The lyrics seem to talk of a garden similar to the Garden of Eden and the next song “Into the Garden Part II” is the continuing chapter of this track.

Lyrically and musically things begin to pick up the pace in this chapter of “Into the Garden”. This track is twice as long, but it has a way about it where it progresses nicely without losing you or losing sight of the story. It continues to hold your attention. The bass does have a thunderous tone that keeps an upbeat tone to this track. This one takes you on a journey through classic hard rock styles. Serpents Of Dawn does a great job of transiting through these styles in a way that makes you want to hear where they go next.

Track 4 is “Bloodstained.” This song taps into the veins of stoner metal and brings the style to life within the guitar riffs as well as the guitar solo. Serpents Of Dawn has a signature sound to them where if you heard their songs within others in this genre, they would definitely stand out. They have a lot of variety within them. “Wheel Of Suffering” has a slow and low groove to it as well. The guitar riffs in this track stand out with a unique grind to them that grabs your attention. Check out this track in the link below!

We conclude this album with “Communion.” This track picks up the momentum one last time to bring to life the ending of this album. The vocals are heavy, sort of sludgy and at times branch into death metal. They seem to be filled with anger and frustration but give a sort of calm to these emotions. I enjoy the blues undertones with the crunchy guitar riffs as well. As far as doom goes, Serpents Of Dawn certainly has a unique voice of its own. Pick up a copy of ‘Into The Garden’ TODAY HERE!

SERPENTS OF DAWN “Into The Garden” Track List
1. Spirit
2. Into the Garden
3. Into the Garden Part II
4. Bloodstained
5. Wheel of Suffering
6. Communion

Connect with Serpents Of Dawn online
Official Site

-Don Niesen
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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