Maehem News: NOW HIRING!!!

We here at Maehem Underground Media are looking to expand our reach! We are looking for only a FEW more dedicated members to join our team in the underground scene! We are dedicated to our craft and we need more people who are as well! This blog takes a lot of special attention. You need to have a passion for your music scene/journalism and be willing to put that passion into your work.

As of now, our positions are VOLUNTEER ONLY, meaning you will NOT be paid by Maehem Underground Media for your work. This is something we are, however, looking into being able to do in the future. However, that isn’t to say there are not any opportunities for payment within this work!

We are in search of: 


Gig reviewer/Photographer (Milwaukee/Chicago Area) We need an experienced (not necessarily professional) concert photographer to attend local level and underground music in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. With great venues out in that area, there is a lot of amazing talent out there! We need you and your passion for music to go to these shows, photograph these bands (perhaps even capture video) and write about how cool it was!
*If your are interested, please submit a resume, which also includes a link to your page or website and 10 photo portfolio to* 


Album/EP/Single Reviewers 

Death Metal Specialist: We need someone to write album reviews for the killer death metal out there! This is a popular underground genre that needs your attention!

Metal-core Specialist: Another genre of metal growing large in population! We need YOU to write about all the exciting albums coming to our scene!

Other underground Reviews: We would love help with writing reviews for the new music hitting the scene! We have a list of bands that are looking for exposure and would love for their work to be reviewed!

*If you are interested, please submit a resume and a sample of your work to* 


Interviewer (Written): We need someone who loves to write and talk music with musicians in the local and underground scene! If you have great writing and communication skills-this could be for you!

*submit a resume and a sample of your work  to*

All positions require a social media presence, ability to do your own research, experience with Google Drive, ability to work in a team setting, and great communication/social skills. These are all critical to the overall functions of our site and team! You are ALWAYS credited properly for your work, whether it be written, photographs, or otherwise, after all, we are all about support!


Our NUMBER ONE priority is to help move our music community forward! Maehem Underground Media is a team of people coming together to bring the local and underground music scene to you! We primarily work for the Metal, Rock, and Punk scene as well as the sub-genres in between. Our mission is to create a professional outlet for everyone out there giving it all they got!

We come across new opportunities all the time in our field, especially as a growing outlet! We are always open to new ideas as well! Some of our current team members even have their very own segments unique to them in which they provide as their own contribution to the Maehem Underground Media team! Including POWERSLIDE which is Ian Gray’s YouTube segment for music news, and Gearview Mirror, which is Mitchel Fulcer’s unique outlet for interviews with musicians about their gear!

We would love to hear from you!


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