Extended Play: SEVEN CITIES DEAD-‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’

Hello again loyal readers and music enthusiasts! Mitchel Fulcer here with another tasty album review for you. This edition features the E.P. “Siren Songs of the Apocalypse” by the very talented, and ever-growing five-piece, Seven Cities Dead. I have had the pleasure of seeing these fellas live a couple of times, and certainly enjoyed their performance. So, I thought it would be super sweet to review their collection of tunes.

In the first track “Taste of Innocence,” the audio clip track has an intense thematic way of giving the listener an immediate feeling of an underlying dystopian theme. I also took note of the wide range of synergy between the epic riffs and aggressive vocals. It gave me a bit of a nostalgic feeling being a fan of bands like Shadows Fall, and early In Flames. It has a great way of staying catchy without churning into cheese sauce, which I find in a lot of bands in this genre.

Finally, I found the breakdown to be a f*ckin’ headbanger and didn’t want it to end.

I found “In My Own Hands” was a bit more guitar driven, revealing the perfection achieved in complementing tones with one another. There is a clear difference between the two, but they fit together seamlessly. Get them solos, boys!! The passionate backing vocals give a relatable sense of humbleness to their tracks that tells me these guys will go far.

Immediately I was digging the groove within the third track “Rising Tide.” This track definitely gives me a sense of how tight this group can be. I love the way the vocals, and guitars come in pairs. They have a wonderful way of allowing every member to have their own identity. I feel these qualities make a more authentic and professional record. Check out “Rising Tide” here:

Every fan loves a good chant, and this tune has got it! Do I smell a single?

“The Path Unknown” has a golden consistency in the lyrical content. When keeping to a theme as a band, keeping that going without saturating your songs with the same words tossed in a blender, is a difficult task. These guys, however, pull it off nicely. The solo section is on level 10! It’s my favorite part yet.

The fifth track, “Dissolution,” takes a hard-left turn with dynamic, grunge-esque angst. I thoroughly enjoy the “gross” riffs that hold perfect context with the relentless vocal pattern. I never saw this coming. That said, it was a pleasant look into the possible diversity, and future paths these guys can take.
The “riffy” technicality of the verse on their sixth track “All War Starts from Within” really hooked me. I also noticed how their drummer has a vast knowledge of his bandmates and always gives them ways to fill wide open space with individual creativity, and their afore-mentioned identity.

When all was said and done, I legitimately enjoyed this E.P. and cannot wait to see what they’re going to release in the future. They started in February of this year, and have blasted their way into a great position in the music scene. If this is what they have for a first release, Satan only knows what delicious metal they can brew for the next release.

Looking forward to next time, but until then, stay safe, and thrash fast!!!!!


Track List: 
1.Taste of Innocence
2. In My Own Hands
3. Rising Tide
4. The Path Unknown
 5. Disillusion
 6. All War Starts from Within

Seven Cities Dead Lineup
Josh Kurtz – Vocals
Guy Smith – Guitar and Vocals
Thomas Hogue – Guitar
Josh Swart – Bass Guitar
Lucas Peters – Drums

Connect with Seven Cities Dead online

-Mitchel Fulcer
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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