Breastfest 2018…Holy SH*T where do I even begin? This show was easily my favorite show of the year right after Project Mayhem earlier this summer. 2018 has truly been a great year for shows in the Wisconsin scene without a doubt, and Breastfest certainly hasn’t broken the momentum. How could you go wrong with a killer line up of our local favorites AND a legendary headliner? You couldn’t, that’s the deal!

One of my favorite things upon arriving at shows in our scene is that good ole family reunion feeling. Everyone is greeting one another and making their rounds to catch up with those whom we maybe haven’t seen in a while. I had many pleasant exchanges before I even officially made it into the building, which in itself is always a great feeling. After settling in, sound check started, and the anticipation for the show ahead began to rise. The first to take the stage was local comedian Krains Butter who was a bit racy but incredibly relatable. He shared with us stories about his trip and other daily inconveniences that put a smile on all of our faces.


Immediately following his performance was the first band of the evening Seven Cities Dead. They kicked off the night hard and heavy, setting the pace of a killer night of metal! Seven Cities Dead has just released their latest EP ‘Siren Songs Of The Apocalypse’ and their set list, of course, featured many songs from this release! Check out our live footage of their performance HERE.

Switch over between stages was extremely smooth and without a hitch, Of The Earth stepped up to stage two and commanded our attention with their tune “Cellar Door” off of their album ‘Patience Zero.’ As always, Of The Earth knows how to draw in the crowd with their unique sound and eye-catching performance. View their live video performance HERE.

With full force All Kings Fall exploded into their performance! All Kings Fall always brings the metal energy up and have built quite the reputation for it! After recently releasing their much-anticipated album ‘Grip Control,’ there was nothing but excitement throughout the entire venue! The pit broke out into a full rage as Breastfest built further into its climax. Check out their live video performance HERE .

It was time for Shane’s (host of Breastfest) favorite band to take the stage- Dopeheads On Mopeds! This dose of stoner rock was just what we needed to help us all keep our momentum, but slow us down a little bit (But not too much!). After all that crazy thrashing, it was time for some of that good, old fashion rock n’ roll to help us catch our breath! Their performance was groovy and fun! Video of their performance HERE

It was time for the death-dealers themselves- Morbid Saint! These brutal beasts of metal took command of the stage and thrashed hard and fast for 25 minutes straight before they broke away and gave a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone in attendance of the event. There’s just nothing like experiencing an old-school metal pioneer in all its raw power- and Morbid Saint is one of them! They’re still going strong after all this time and only getting stronger! Check out their powerful performance HERE.

Co-headliner Headstone stepped up the stage. This band is fronted by Shane Keddell, the host of Breastfest himself! Promoting sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll as well as the full spirit of metal and the freedom-loving spirit that comes with it; they brought forth the grooves! Headstone is always a fun time and a great reminder of where we all come from as metalheads! Check out their performance HERE.

Headstone concluded their set with a heartfelt acoustic song that included two guest performers-one in which was Cole Daul, drummer of the band Beetlegork on guitar! This was a cool thing to experience, and you can experience it as well below!

Finally, it was the moment we all had been waiting for.

The punk- rock puppet master, Manspeaker took to the stage while the bands were setting up and the lights were still dim. I wasn’t sure what to expect just yet, but I was sure to make my way closer to the stage to find out! After he spoke with the crowd for a bit, building up our intrigue, he dropped his pants and commanded his band to take the stage-then the fun began!


I was completely captivated by the unique personality and tone of Manspeaker, it’s no wonder he’s a legend in show business! Green Jello took to the stage, not knowing what kind of band they would have in the Wisconsin chapter, but by the time it all came together they had Three bassists, three drummers and three guitarists along with 23 volunteer puppeteers to bring the show to life! The venue was PACKED from the stage to the floor, and the energy of the room was something I had yet to experience! They burst into full performance with one of their most famous tunes, the punk-rock rendition of the “Three Little Pigs.”

I was a very hard time keeping my composure enough to continue to snapping photos- the thrash zone was calling me! But, once they broke out with their cover of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ it was all over for me! I threw my stuff down and became one with the experience! My punk-soul was awakened, and I was completely enamored with the entire experience! We thrashed, we laughed, and we all came together in this incredibly chaotic character show!! Check out our crazy footage below!

As the night came to a close, we all said our goodbyes as we began to leave this amazing experience and part ways into the night. People gathered around Manspeaker to meet him and get their photos and things of that nature. Before leaving, however, I shared a particular moment with Green Jello guitarist Mike Snyder, that will live on in my heart as my most rock n’ roll moment ever! If you’re reading this article, Mike, thank you once again for the wonderful and thoughtful gift! I will cherish it always, and I hope to meet again! If you other readers are curious- ask me about it sometime!

Thank you once again to Shane Keddell for hosting another spectacular show here in Wisconsin! Thank you as well to Tanner’s Bar and Grill as well for allowing us to party down and make metal memories! Everyone, sound/lights, bands, fans, and other staff- Thank you so very much for everything!


Don’t forget it!

-Emily Mae

Photos: Emily Maehem Photography 

Videos Shot by: Emily Mae and Ian Gray
Interview conducted by: Ian Gray
 Video Edited by Emily Mae
Green Jello live footage Edited by Cat Sullivan 

Article edited by Samantha Crocker 

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