It’s October and pre-Halloween, which means for the third year in a row, Orangefest descended upon downtown Madison. The annual free fest (because FUCK MONEY) was hosted, as always, by the legendary Orange the Hueman and was held at the Art In for the second time. The lineup was solid, featuring bands All Kings Fall, Order of the Jackal, Squidhammer Metal– PLUS a TEN-YEAR reunion of Orange’s old band, Lorican….AND A SUPER SECRET MYSTERY BAND!!

The night was off to a fast and great start and was opened up by Madison locals Order of the Jackal. They were a little doomy, a little thrashy, a little groovy, and a hell of a good time. Check out our video of their live performance HERE.

Following Order of the Jackal was our very own All Kings Fall, who scorched the earth beneath the Art In the second they started playing their set featured from their new Grip Control album. Bodies were flying; hair was twirling, sweat was dripping. There was not a single un-wrecked neck by the time their set was over. Check out their live performance HERE.

South-Central Wisconsin faves Squidhammer Metal followed with their signature thrash-your-tentacles-off flavor of heavy fuckin’ metal. While technical difficulties caused Hiller’s mic to malfunction, the illustrious frontman, who is known for making the best out of any situation, promptly ran to retrieve a Squidward mask and perform the rest of the song while wearing it. They finished with the best cover of “Hostile” you’ve ever heard like nothing ever happened.

Rating: two tentacles way up.

Lorican took the stage next, and almost everyone was eager to see them the most. While most of us there are fans of SEISMA or Doomfist or Orange the Hueman and His Shitty Metal Band (no really, that’s the name), Lorican was around and disbanded before many of us even knew of them. Tonight’s Orange Fest marked the ten-year reunion for the band, and I don’t think a single audience member was disappointed. After their first song, one person even yelled out “And, WHY are you not a band anymore?!” as if to emphasize what we were all thinking. Check out Lorican’s EXCLUSIVE performance HERE.


It seemed that the night had come to an end, with Lorican being the last band listed on the poster finishing their set.

But then, our good friend Mr. The Hueman took to the mic and informed us all that a **SuPeR sEcReT mYsTeRy BaNd** would be taking the stage.

Before he could even so much as mutter a spoiler alert to us, he informed us that the band was, in fact, his relatively new project, Doomfist.

Doomfist did not dish out a regular show by any means. The psychedelic-groove-doom instrumental band only played two songs, but the two songs alone were enough to feed the hearts of many a metalhead both new to the fest and old. I even wrote down during their set: “It’s like you’re stuck inside a waterslide tripping balls and when you get to the bottom and go down into the water you can’t find your way back up.”

Speaking to Orange after the event to buy a t-shirt, he said that the currently instrumental-only project is just now starting to find its legs, and they have their ears to the ground seeking a vocalist to join the mix. Anyone interested should probably message that Orange guy, and you can do that through the Doomfist facebook page.

We all had a blast, as was to be expected, and are already planning on having an even better time at Orangefest 2019!

But seriously.


Written by: Cat Sullivan
Photos: Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan
Videos shot and edited by Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan 

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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