Album Review: GREEN DEATH- Hallowmass

Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Horror Metal and Lovecraft inspired band Green Death of Des Moines, IA are coming at you JUST in time for Halloween with their newest spectacular album release- ‘Hallowmass’! After catching these guys’ live performance at the Q & Z Expo Center as a part of the Basstory Tour with David Ellefson, I was captivated by their performance. Eagerly awaiting the release of this album, along with thousands of other fans-it is more than my pleasure to bring you our review of their brand-new release from Combat Records- AVAILABLE OCTOBER 19th!


Lycanthropy starts us off instrumentally as evil begins to creep into our thoughts as the beast starts to rise; taking us into the next track “Bullet of Silver.” Bursting with passionate vocals from the very first note-this taking us through the transformation from man to beast. The man pleads for death to end the curse that has plagued his life. Full of power metal guitar strides and thunderous drum beats, this pulsing track is just the beginning of greatness to come.

“I Am Eternal” is in full speed with thrash attitude as it comes forth with powerful death metal styles combine perfectly with modern metal influences. This tune has the perfect balance between slow-paced brutal death metal breakdowns and fast-paced thrash metal classics. Check out the official video release for “I Am Eternal” in the link below!

“Lament” dates us back in time with a short acoustic presentation with a renaissance feel. Then we turn to “Curse the Heavens.” This soulful performance is a tale of sorrow and sacrifice. This track takes us down the path of power metal; brought to life before us as each musician’s performance is dripping with emotion; from the guitar riffs to the melodic back vocals.

“The Betrayed” switches emotions from those of the ‘sweeter’ side of sorrow to aggression and frustration. The vocalist switches it up a bit in this track, even though he holds true to his more evident vocal style, he also brings forth his ability to bring power and aggression through the death metal like styles as well. This reflects his wide range in performance ability, which in all honesty is quite impressive. Many bands have attempted to do a similar thing and rarely do it well in my experience. They either lose their style completely or, they lack in ability through one style of the other. However, that is simply not the case here. Everyone brings forth the brutality!

We slow things down a bit again in “Bad Omens.” The ritual begins with another dynamic performance of epic proportion. The vocals and lyrical content do an excellent job of carrying emotion within the story. Green Death knows how to open up the right parts of your mind and hold you there. As I continue through this album, I start to get a taste of the band Nevermore, creating storytelling beauty in the macabre.

“Sacrament” definitely brings more of a doom style to the riffs and overall musical structure with death metal-like lyrical content. The chorus is extremely catchy. If you saw this song performed live, you definitely would be chanting along!

“Messis Diaboli” is another short, acoustic instrumental interlude that leads into “The Harvest.” This track speaks of preparing your souls for harvest; getting ready to be sacrificed to the God’s to support and bring prosperity to the land in honor of giving up your life. I dig the guitar hooks in this track, as well as the vocal patterns.

“She Couldn’t Live” builds up anticipation through its heavy intro. This track is another one that fits extremely well into the doom-style genre of metal. It reminded me of something I would hear from the band The Skull. This was an interesting turn to take in this album, even though we caught a bit of the doom style in “Sacrament,” this tune is still vastly different than the others. However, it still fits perfectly in place with the rest of the album. I again, see how dynamic the performance of Green Death is, and I continue to be impressed by their sound!

Without missing a beat, “Pure Torcher” takes the pace right back up in the faster riffs and rhythms. This track not only contains an epic guitar solo but also has a bass solo. Giving the bassist a chance to step forward for a bit so we can get a closer look at his amazing talent as well. This tune also ends with a very strong break-down that is unique to this track!

As we get closer to the end of the album, we arrive at the title track- “Hallowmass.” This track begins acoustically and builds up with a beautiful guitar solo. We get a little bit of an Iron Maiden-esque feel to this tale, with a little bit of a Dio spin. I distinctly remember this tune during their live performance when I saw them. Seeing this song on stage, and then listening to it at home, it just brought a whole new kind of life to this track. It also successfully brings together several other elements of the track, to sort of give you a feel for the album in its entirety, before finally closing out with “Sickle & Scythe.”

“Sickle & Scythe” has everything you love about metal in one track! Its fast, hard and heavy- then it breaks up with epic break-downs. The drum rolls are crazy amazing as well and perfectly placed! The vocals vary from death metal and doom metal style and then come at you with a bit of a punk influence. Just that hint of punk brought this track the right attitude and flare it needed. Everything came together so tightly and perfectly- which ends us on an extremely strong note.

Green Death gave us a stellar performance throughout this entire album. You can tell that this band is just dripping with talent from the first note to the last. It’s no wonder they are out there hitting the scene hard and touring with the greats- the deserve it! They have a bring future out there in our music scene-this definitely won’t be the last we hear from them!


Track List for ‘Hallowmass’
1. Lycanthropy
2. Bullet Of Silver
3. I Am Eternal
4. Lament|
5. Curse The Heavens
6. The Betrayed
7. Bad Omens
8. Sacrament
9. Messis Diaboli
10. The Harvest
11. She Couldn’t Live
12. Pure Torture
13. Hallowmass
14. Sickle & Scythe

Green Death Line-up
Sol Bales – Vocals
Mark “Sparky” Reinking – Guitar|
Parker Willis – Bass Guitar
Ryan Berrier – Drums

Label- EMP Label Group (Ellefson Music Productions)

Connect with Green Death online in the links below
Official Site




-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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