Album Review: WRATH ‘Rage’

The original WRATH from Chicago-land is back in action with their latest release ‘RAGE’! This most anticipated album of 2018 was released after Wrath was proudly signed into the Combat Records family!

We kick it off hard and heavy with “Conflict”! The thrash zone opens wide with this track as we are thrown into the war zone. This track is packed with thundering drums, tasty bass licks, and shredding guitar harmonics. The lead vocals are backed up by another voice throughout it as well, which adds a unique sound and feel to the lyrical content.

“What You Crave” is heavy, but breaks away from the thrash a little bit and focuses our attention more on the lyrics and the message they are sending. The guitar solos in this track a beautifully written; they complement the vibe extremely well. The message is that of desperation, a plea to open one’s eyes to the world surrounding us. “What You Crave” seems to be speaking about the world leaders or “rich” people of our time, sort of telling them that an ego-driven life of greed and pride is no life to live at all, and will, in time, drive the world to its end.

“Draw Blood” takes us back to the trash zone with the thunderously addicting bass riff. I love the pinches and grinds from the guitars as well; it builds anticipation into the track. The chorus is very catchy- “You’ll see it, you’ll feel it, you’ll taste it…” then the other band members kick in “NO REGRETS AT ALL; TIME TO DRAW SOME BLOOD” This thrasher is an instant classic. The track seems to have a little bit of everything we love about the Big Four (Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, Testament) put together with that good ole Wrath spin on it! Wrath has a lyric video release for this track which you can experience for yourself below!

We now get to my most FAVORITE track on the album, “Tension on High.” This track lights my metal spirit on FIRE. From the instant I heard it, I became addicted to it. I just cannot get enough of that guitar hook. The rhythms are so tight and flawlessly put together with the guitar solos; the vocals are piercing and passionate. This track easily made it to my ‘songs I obsess over’ list. It was like I had been waiting my whole metal lifetime for this track. Think I’m dramatic?? Well, you won’t think so when you hear it for yourself.
Now we approach the climax of the album with the sort-of title track of the album- “My Rage” This track has a definite Testament feel to it as it creeps into your imagination. It’s as if the rage demon is speaking to you directly in this song, invoking your darkest thoughts and vengeful desires. The character is speaking in conflict with themselves as the plea to us saying that their intentions were good, but simply no match for the demonic emotions that overtook them. This track is hard and heavy!

Continuing the theme of rage, as the title of this album would imply, “Feeding the Host” is the carrier of your deepest frustrations finally expressed. This track is very old school in its sound, which I love. Within you can hear just the slightest hint of Megadeth-like tones brought to life.

“Clearing My Soul” features a guest solo performance from Anthony Modica (son of Gary Modica-bassist of Wrath). This is a track about standing your ground against the negativity in your life, whether that be people, feelings, or experiences. Personally, I had to clear my soul of a few bad people in my life to get where I am today. So, I found this to be very relatable, as well as catchy. This is a song that helps along the healing process and leaves you with the overall feeling of redemption.

“Unholy Alliance” rolls in with a drum solo; then the guitars pick us up and take us through this headbanger. I love the layers of this tune. It’s thrashy, yet the guitar solos are epic and melodic. It’s like 80’s and 90’s metal got together and created this track, which I guess isn’t far from what happened.
“Mother’s Hell” brings us to the conclusion of this album. This track peaks your interest with the strum of an acoustic guitar; then the other instruments burst forward. It begins heavy and fast as the tune progresses. This track has a strong finish and is the perfect way to sum up the overall feeling of this album. It’s full of beautiful guitar solos, heavy, heart throbbing rhythms, and vicious vocals!

‘Rage’ ends with a spectacular cover of “Ace of Spades” brought to life in honor of the inspiration of the fallen Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. Featuring a guest solo by Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint), which makes this performance EXTRA special! I love watching Wrath perform this track live! Gary Golwitzer (Wrath vocalist) nails it every time! Gary (Modica), Scott, Rob, and Jake are always flawless as well! You can tell that they perform this with honor as they recognize not only Lemmy’s inspiration on a personal level but also how much he inspired all of us – changing the world forever.

‘Rage’ was easily my most anticipated album release for the 2018 year! This dynamic thrash album revived the spirit of ‘Insane society’(Wrath’s 1990 release) with a whole new burst of action! Each track was beautifully unique and stood on its own, while also fitting together perfectly. I was blown away by Wrath’s performance; they have a knack for catchy grooves and thought-provoking lyrics that set you over the edge and deep within the thrash zone!!!
Wrath put so much passion into the album, and it’s apparent in every single part of it. This album was more than worth the wait! Keep on doing what you’re doing guys- we cannot WAIT to see your future!!


Rage” is available for purchase HERE
Digital Download on  Spotify and Itunes! 


“Rage” track listing:
1. Conflict
2. What You Crave
3. Draw Blood
4. Tension on High
5. My Rage
6. Feeding the Host
7. Clearing my Soul
8. Unholy Alliance
9. Mother’s Hell
10. Ace Of Spades (feat. Jeff Duncan)

LabelCombat Records 

Wrath Line Up:
ROB NOON-Guitars

Cover art- Ipoet Poetra- Five Milligrams
Featuring Photos by Mariah Berg and Emily Mae

Connect with Wrath online:
Official Site

-Emily Mae
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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