Emotional, angry, but plenty willing and able to have a good time despite, On My Six brought their Rockford brand of self-proclaimed “party metal” to the Back Bar in Janesville, and looked to be right at home with fellow opening acts Amberstein, Ultrea, and Revolution-X, with the night eventually concluding with Bobaflex. 

With 6,000+ likes on Facebook and gaining a bigger fanbase every day, we knew we had to get some time with the local legends while they were in our neck of the woods. Below is a transcript from our interview that night before their set, along with some Front Row Friday footage and pictures as well!


When and where did On My Six get its start?

Rick (vocals): November 2012 in his (Josh’s) basement.

Josh (drums): We were in multiple bands, and we used to just play with each other all the time…and then we came together one day, and got to work and this is the outcome.




Your personal dose of melodic metal seems to come from a lot of different places, who are your influences?

 Rick: Corey Taylor for me.

Josh: Man…I can’t just say like one or two bands, I listen to all music…there’s a few metal bands I listen to but I’m actually really inspired by and listen to a lot of rap. I’m a drummer, so I love beats and all that so… That’s my biggest influence. I don’t listen to a lot of metal anymore. No offense… it just kinda sounds the same.

Rick: It’s more fun to play metal, than listen to it.

Josh: Yeah!

 That’s almost blasphemous!

 Mike (guitar, vocals): I like everything- rock, metal, funk, jazz, Latin…Puerto Rican… Jamaican…everything!

Rick: Now you’re just saying nationalities!

Mike : I love music, if it comes to metal, I like Lamb of God, I like Slipknot, I like Whitechapel, also Parish…

 Josh: I will say–to save my shit a little bit–Ice Nine Kills, that’s a band that’s been influencing me lately on the metal front. They’re really mean and brutal.

 Luke (guitar): Djent. I like djent. Prog and djent.



For those who have never heard of On My Six, and have never heard any of your music, what are people in for in six words or less?

 Mike: I got this, I got this.

Well that was six words right there!

Mike:…Crap. *hands microphone to Josh…yells into it anyway* Holy Fuck It’s A Good Time!

Josh: Fun, Emotional, Angry, Chaotic…come check it out!

Mike: That’s–

Josh: I know I know I don’t care.

Rick: Holy Shit Batman, Gimme A Beer.

Josh: That’s seven…get me is two words.

Rick: No, I said “gimme”.

Josh: That’s not a word.

Rick: Semantics!


Most of our fanbase is mainly from Wisconsin, and we’ve featured a few bands (on our first blog*) in the past from Illinois, but not many. Can you tell us what the scene is like in Rockford?

 Rick: We like to say the scene goes from Madison to the Chicago burbs and everywhere in-between, it’s like one big scene, and I’ve said it a million times, I think it’s the best scene in the world. And we’ve seen a ton of ’em. It’s all like…very united, it’s always a good time, it’s always a party. There’s not really many BAD bands, musically, it’s like all great music all around. That’s what’s really cool about Janesville, it’s between us and Madison, so we do a show there, then we do a show at Penny Road Pub between us and Chicago, I don’t know it works out well I think.

 And that’s exactly why we do what we do!

Rick: Preach!


You talked before about the previous projects you were in, can you tell us a little bit about that? How do you think it influenced where you are now?

Rick: There’s not much to say…

Josh: Honest to God, it was us finding our footing to become On My Six today. I had a blast in the previous bands we were in, but it was definitely alcohol-fueled fun, whatever…nothing too serious. But, it created a great foundation.

Rick: It started the whole “party metal” thing that people associate with us, like we get called “party metal” because we …always party and we’re metal and it works.

Luke: Wow–genius!

Rick: Yeah right?!

*All laugh*

Rick: We’re just– I don’t know what show we’ve had where we didn’t have a good time.

Josh: Well. Maybe a couple of times.

Rick: Well. Yeah a couple. But 90% of the time, it’s a good time. It’s a party, every time.

Josh: 90% of the time, it works all the time. *Laugh*


What’s everyone’s favorite song to play?

Josh: My favorite song to play?… Hey! Check Out My New Bell!

I had a question about that song– is it literally only called that because of how it starts with a bell?

Josh: Absolutely! We couldn’t think of anything to name it and I was like, “Well, it starts with my new bell.” So…Hey! Check Out My New Bell!

Mike: I LOVE playing New Bell… It’s growing on me, and as a band we actually play that song pretty well.

Rick: I’mma say Retrospect is my favorite one to play. Absolutely.

Mike: Why?

Rick: I don’t know– just something about that one.

Luke: Retrospect or New Bell, can’t choose. I love both of them.


When I was going through your bandcamp, the song that caught my attention the most was “Fiend”–

All: Wooooow..

Rick: Second time I’ve heard that tonight!

Yeah? It’s a good one!

Rick: It’s an album song. We don’t play it live–it’s really dark, it’s really fucked up. When we’re live, we like to keep it moving, it’s a party vibe, and we always feel like that song brings the vibe down, and we don’t want to do that. We want everyone to have fun, so that song’s an album song. If you wanna hear it, buy the album!

Josh: I mean…we’ve played it before. I would love to go and practice it a little more, and maybe play it live again here and there, but the few times we have, just from us on stage, to the crowd reception–people went from like “Yeah!” to “…aight.” We’ve never gotten the best reception from it.

Rick: It’s an album song.

Josh: But yeah on the album it’s one of my favorites.


That’s fair enough, I get that. Can you tell me a bit about what inspired this “fucked up” song?

Rick: I wrote that song. Now for the record, lyrically between myself and Josh, and actually Dan (bassist, not present for interview), we wrote it together. I just did some research about people who were purposely trying to overdose, and I took their stories and made a song about it.

That is definitely not a party song… I can understand why you don’t play it live.

Rick: Yeah, but it fit the theme of the album so well, and it worked out ‘cause we had a couple songs we recorded that we didn’t put on the album. But that one was just so powerful, we kept it.

Josh: Yeah that song was just …depressing.

And no one wants to be depressed at a concert.

Rick: Yeah, let’s party and keep going. We’re here to have fun.


What’s in store for On My Six in the future? EP’s, albums, videos, tours…?

Rick: Yes. All that. Vaguely describing our future: release something, tour with someone, release something else, and tour again.

Luke: We got guitar work done for some stuff.

Josh: Yeah and that’s not just us being vague for no reason like we don’t know what we’re doing, there’s just a LOT in the works right now.

Rick: We just gotta be quiet about it for a little while longer.

Josh: But yeah, we’re working on new stuff, there will be tours next spring and summer.


Well, we’re pretty much done here! Any shoutouts you’d like to give to the fans, people supporting you guys?

Rick: Dr. Dunlap’s ain’t therapy, and Fireball whiskey, and people like you and Bob (owner, Back Bar) and everyone else that supports us and our music. We appreciate it. Check out our album, we’re on Spotify…Whatchu got Josh?

Josh: Shiiiit…my kids, my fam, and the scene! Love you all! That’s what I got. What you got Mike?

Mike: Shoutout to the boys, shoutout to the people that are here tonight, shoutout to the people I’m gonna see at the next show!

Luke: Let’s go drink some beers!



Connect with On My Six at the links below, and don’t forget to party hard when you see them next!




Interview conducted by Cat Sullivan

Photos: Navillus Media



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