Extended Play: DEAD EARTH Self Titled Release

Dead Earth is a metal band hailing from Cleveland, OH! They are bringing Classic Metal/ Riff Rock back to the masses!

‘Dead Earth’ is an EP full of those catchy thrash metal riffs and rhythms that you love as well as driving drums and bass! You feel that rock n’ roll spirit come to life with this release. The vocals remind me of a mix between KISS, Meatloaf, and just a hint of Alice Cooper. This EP is recorded in a way that makes it sound like you plucked it straight out of the 70’s music scene and brought it back to life. Those of you who love rock n’ roll will dig Dead Earth. Rebellious attitude, passion, and drive, “WE ARE CLEVELAND.”


Tracks for Dead Earth
1. Steel Coffins
2. Death Ride
3. I Am Rock
4. Stand
5. Green Earth
6. Pollution

You can catch them live October 6th at Sly Fox in North Olmsted, OH. Event information HERE

Dead Earth is:
Jack Sabolich~Vocals
Eric Jankowski~Guitars
Mark Hardy~Guitars
Bob Semancik~Bass
Brian Shea~Drums

Connect with Dead Earth Online

-Emily Mae

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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