On The Road: To The Ruby! ABIGAIL WILLIAMS +Supports

The summer is ending here in the Midwest, and with that comes all kinds of crazy weather-especially here in Wisconsin. The journey to our capital (Madison) was certainly not an easy one! The day before, parts of our area had experienced tornadoes and fierce winds up to 70 MPH, and the madness wasn’t over yet! With torrential rains on the way, we all had thought it would be easier to take the smaller towns to reach our destination, but we were mistaken. Trees, power lines, and other debris were scattered across many of the main roads, making it impossible to reach the interstate from our location, with a few corrections, we eventually made our way to I-39. The rain was holding off a bit until about 20 mins or so outside of Madison when we could hear the low cry of the Tornado siren in the distance. The storm was right on cue with the warning as the winds began to pick up! Luckily, we entered downtown Madison just in time before the downpour, and this is where our night truly started!


Due to a bit of a delay from the insanity of the weather, we arrived slightly behind schedule, but right in time to catch the tail end of Corridoré’s performance. As we descended the stairs, we could hear their performance growing louder. They had a black metal/post-metal type of vibe. The mood was set for sure with the lighting of the room combined with their sound; together, it created the perfect atmosphere. It certainly fit the vibe of the weather we were experiencing as well.

For more on Corridoré click HERE

After saying our ‘Hello’s’ and catching up with our friends in the music community who has also braved the storm to support the local scene, it was time for our friends and local favorites to hit the stage- Squidhammer Metal! However, this performance was a bit different, for they were being joined by Mitchel Fulcer of All Kings Fall who was filling in for Scott Scharf on bass guitar. Scott was playing a different show in Madison with his band Bitter Cold that same evening at The Annex at The Red Zone. Their performance came together quite beautifully and was explosive as ever!


Next up was Bay area’s blacken hardcore band- Wolf King (Not photographed). As the rain began to get heavier outside, reaching the climax of the storm, the show was reaching its peak as well. More and more people began to fill the venue, finding relief from the weather. Wolf King was the perfect intro to this touring package. Their performance set the stage and got everyone amped for the arrival of the next performer- Ghost Bath.


Ghost Bath’s performance was passionate and brooding. Their hypnotic tones drew everyone’s attention to the stage and captivated the entire venue. The concert was in full flow now, and everyone was gathered attentively to the stage. You can view our video footage of Ghost Bath here:

Find Ghost Bath HERE

Everyone was now anticipating the arrival of the headlining band- Abigail Williams. Many of the venue goers had been murmuring about this band throughout the evening, so I was excited to see their performance. Abigail Williams had a unique atmosphere and sound. Each song held its own and brought the evening to a graceful close. If you wish to see our footage of Abigail Williams, visit our Patreon HERE and become a Tier 2 (Weekend Warriors) Patron!


Find Abigail Williams HERE

The evening came to a close, and the storm came to a calm. Everything was settled, and we gave our farewell to friends, old and new. The journey was indeed a scary one, but not much comes between us and our love for the music scene. It was worth every obstacle we had come across for another great night of lasting memories had by all.


Thank you to everyone who braved the storm to support local music! Special Thanks to Midwest Mix-up for putting together another stellar show! Connect with them online HERE!  Until next time.

-Emily Mae

Edited by: Samantha Crocker

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