Album Review: HATCHET-‘Dying to Exist’

L.A thrashers Hatchet are now signed with the almighty Combat Records and have released their newest album – ‘Dying to Exist’! Described as “Pure, Uncompromising, Bay Area Thrash Metal,” they have been hitting the scene hard and heavy. Since hitting the Bay Area Metal scene in early 2007, Hatchet quickly made a name for themselves. They worked hard and played as often as they could; also, rather than compete with others, they joined together with bands of the like to help strengthen the scene. After all of that work, it has definitely paid off! It was time we took a look at their newest album release ‘Dying To Exist,’ especially with a European Tour on the way!

Track one, “Unraveling to Exist” starts with a very epic Maiden-esque intro. Although not an unusual style in thrash metal, I enjoyed the dynamic right out of the gates. “Silent Genocide” is a breath of fresh, thrashy air; especially for a fan of classic aggression and tone. The solos carried on the vibe of the introductory riffs, tearing your brain to shreds.

For “Desire for Oppression,” it’s the drum beats that drive it home. Great accents and perfectly times tempo cuts without saturating the speed of the song. The dual solo spotlight certainly grabs your attention making this track a headbanger. In “Illusions of Hope” the rhythm sections as a whole held this tune down! The warm tone was waiting in the wings to guide the nostalgia into all of the riffs and vocal patterns.

Check out their official video for “Desire For Oppression” here:

“Warsaw” gives you that “Oh yeah!!!” feeling. The bass has super groovy licks that grab hold of you immediately from the first note. For me, this made this track was an instant favorite. The composition shines a light on the experience of the group as a whole. Get that pit started because “Where Futures Regress” is next! This tune will kick you into a headbanging frenzy no matter where you are!

“Final Sanctuary” changes gears back into a late 80’s frame of mind. Full of huge dives and fast solos, this tune holds true to the identity of the band while allowing them to branch out a bit. This track is potentially the most ‘radio friendly’ song on the album as well. We begin “Descent into Madness” which has a thick, heavy groove climaxing into a high energy peak. This gives a desperate kind of voice to the track which matches the title of the track well with the attitude we expect.

“Oblivious to Disorder” is an excellent 58 second harmonious instrumental that tactfully breaks up the non-stop thrash. This was a great touch to the album, in my opinion, and it blended well with the following track “Hail to the Lies.” “Hail To The Lies” is the classic anti-oppression thrash tune. I always loved these kinds of vocally driven tracks. They command your attention with a clear message. “Hail To The Lies” has Iced Earth style triplets slamming you into gear for some great shedding!

Ending the album on a heavy note, we reach the final track “World in a World.” I love the hard drive of this tune! Like the second fist in an old ‘one-two’ punch, this track hits you blow for blow with the screaming vocals and slick guitar riffs! This album certainly ends with a strong finish. I believe any fan of metal can find multiple reasons to jam the SH*T out of this album! I recommend this to anyone who likes high energy headbanging gold!


Tracks for ‘Dying To Exist’

  1. Unraveling Existence
  2. Silent Genocide
  3. Desire for Oppression
  4. Illusions of Hope
  5. Warsaw
  6. Where Futures Regress
  7. Back into Dust
  8. Final Sanctuary
  9. Descent into Madness
  10. Oblivious to Disorder
  11. Hail to the Lies
  12. World in a World

Label: Combat Records

Hatchet Line up:
Julz Ramos: Vocals/Lead Guitar
Clayton Cagle: Lead Guitar
Ben Smith: Drums
Devin Reiche: Bass Guitar

Hatchet is on tour! Check the Dates below!

Follow Hatchet online:
Official Site

-Mitchel Fulcer

Edited by Samantha Crocker

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