On The Road: Pantera Tribute Show 2018

This year, on Saturday, August 18th, we all came together not only to celebrate the birthday of “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott’s birthday but also to honor the recently fallen brother of Darrell- Vinnie Paul Abbott. Together these two have helped massively in allowing us the amazing metal scene that we all enjoy today.


[Jake Hiller-Squidhammer Metal]

Their legacy was carried on, however, through the fantastic performances of Twichard, All Kings Fall, Cast In Fire, and the Pantera reincarnates themselves-Squidhammer Metal! The energy of the show was WILD as always. The spirit of Pantera was alive and well from the bands to the fans, and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The stage was huge, which gave the bands tons of room to go as crazy as they could (which they did, of course). There was an amazing mud pit, which the children of the event gladly took the opportunity to enjoy, and of course plenty of food, beer, and great conversation. Oh, and did we mention the FIRE!!? Everyone was having a blast, no doubt about it!

Check out our killer footage here!

After all of the raging, the party came to a cool down. The fog was thick, but the stars were bright. In memory of the Abbott brothers, lanterns were lit and released at 3:33 AM- in recognition of the bond the brothers shared, which was discussed in an interview with Christine Carney (Via-Brave words)

“Well, it happens everyday, you know. His number was three, you know. And everyday, 3:33 will appear on the clock, and I don’t even mean to look at it, and it just reminds me of him everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s at night or during the day. I’ll be doing something. I’ll be right in the middle of something, busy, busy, busy, and I’ll look over, and by gosh it’s 3:33. Or will go to turn on the street, and that’s the address, 333, or something, you know. That’s the closest I can say to any kind of supernatural thing. And, you know, just every time, I’m just like, ‘That’s him reminding us he’s still around’.” – Vinnie Paul- ‘Brave Words’

Footage of the lantern release can be viewed on our Instagram HERE


[Jake Schultz- Squidhammer Metal]

The Pantera Tribute Show was the perfect ending to the perfect summer here in our Wisconsin music scene. So many amazing memories with friends old and new. Thank you once again to everyone in the Squidhammer Metal family for coming together for this festival! Until next year my friends, the spirit of metal lives on.

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All Kings Fall

Cast In Fire

Squidhammer Metal

Feature photo and article features-Mitch Fulcer

Words- Emily Mae

Video footage/editing- Cat Sullivan

Article Edited by Samantha Crocker

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