Album Review: LETTERS TO A LIAR-‘Still Breathing’

Letters To A Liar is a four-piece metalcore band from Alliance, Ohio who are influenced by Oceans Ate Alaska, Asking Alexandria, Miss May I, and Memphis May Fire. In May they released their album ‘Still Breathing’ which is available for purchase now! Check out the link to their video for “Midnight Life” HERE:

‘Still Breathing’ is a techno-metal, scene-dream album. This is the album for your club life if you are a metalhead who wants to go out and party with all the other creatures of the night. Letters To A Liar combines several different styles of music within it to deliver a well-rounded jam out session that takes me back to the early to mid-2000’s. Part of me was starting to feel bad for those of you who were in the scene back in the day. There isn’t much left for you guys to jam to. I know a few of the bands are hanging around like Panic! At The Disco and Breaking Benjamin, but there hasn’t been anything new out there – until NOW! This something that gets you moving, especially if you were to have the opportunity to see them live. Which, luckily, Letters To A Liar is planning a West Coast tour!


Track List for ‘Still Breathing’
1. Into The Storm
2. Falling Behind
3. By The River
4. Courage Is Cowardly
5.Eye Of The Storm
6. Pins and Needles
7. Midnight Life
8. Still Breathing
9. It’s Illegal To Hunt For Whales In Ohio On A Sunday
10. Draw The Line

Letters To A Liar Line up:
Keith Greggs (Vocals)
Tyler Goodman (Guitar/Backup Vocals)
Justin Bean (Bass)
Robert Bendel (Drums)


To keep up with what is going on with this upcoming metalcore band follow them in the link below!

-Don Niesen

Edited by- Samantha Crocker 

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