Weekend Warriors: EXTINGUISH THE SUN

Extinguish the Sun was formed in the Fall of 2015. Guitarists Nick Grobe and Jeremy Toms, bassist Daniel Edmunds, singer Jeremy Miller, and drummer Michael Morley, began rehearsing and writing with the goal of creating energetic, melodic, and powerful music that could leave a unique mark on the local scene. With a broad range of influences and musical tastes, they set their sights on writing compelling songs, releasing them, and getting out and performing live as soon as possible.

Since then, they’ve released their debut album ‘Antihero’ in 2017 which is available for purchase HERE!


It was our pleasure to speak with Extinguish The Sun’s guitarist Nick Grobe to see what was to come for this upcoming Midwestern band!

In 2017 you released your debut album ‘Antihero’; since then, how have things changed for you in your career?

Things have been great! Antihero has been well received, our fan base has been growing, and we have received quite a bit of radio play – both on terrestrial and net radio – local and abroad.

Are you working on new material? Can we look forward to a new EP or album? Perhaps even a single?

We are definitely working on new material. We started writing again pretty much immediately after releasing Antihero, and our goal is to release an EP next time. We are pretty well into that process with the writing and hope to record before the year is out.

I know that you have several influences within your band, can you tell us a bit about those? Are there any new types of influences that may affect your newer material in comparison to your last album release?

Each of us is definitely influenced by a lot of different types of music, and aspects of that certainly find their way into our songs. I don’t know if anything is necessarily influencing us in new ways, but I think that some different influences might come to the top a bit more on this record – just as a result of how this process has been and how we have been writing lately. These songs are a bit more layered we think and will definitely show some growth since Antihero.

Since you are also a fellow Midwesterner, what are some of your favorite spots to hit up to play shows?

Luckily, we haven’t DISLIKED anywhere we’ve had the chance to play yet, (he laughs). That being said though, we have played in IA and around the Quad Cities quite a bit in this band, and that has been great. Some really cool venues over there like The Bierstube and the bands and fans are really accepting and seem to genuinely go out looking for new music.

So, something we like to ask bands so everyone can get to know more about our local scenes- what are some local acts that you have either seen or played with that you would like to give a shout out to?

Bloody Gulch, The High Five Sinners, Silent Ire and Fearless Me – check them out!

Any big shows coming up for you guys in the near future here?

As of right now, there isn’t much on the books. We will be playing a festival in October, but right now our main priority is writing and getting this EP finished.

Thank you once again to Extinguish The Sun for taking time with us here at Music Maehem! You can view their newest video release for their track “Flashes” here!

Follow Extinguish The Sun in the links below!
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Emily Mae

Edited by- Samantha Crocker

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