AV AMPLIFIED! The Red Flags-‘Lovely Woman’

Welcome to AV AMPLIFIED! where we talk about some of the hottest music videos to drop from our scene! This time we are featuring The Red Flags with their newest video release for their single “Lovely Woman”. You can check it out for yourself here:

For those of you who have been keeping up with us here at Music Maehem may recall our previous AV AMPLIFIED! feature for their video “Basement Nasty” which you can find HERE!

In case you did miss our previous features, The Red Flags are a three-piece band from Janesville, WI. They’re a rock band with that good ‘ole 90’s nostalgia that you simply canNOT resist! In this video especially, we are transported to the Rage Against The Machine era, a feeling and sound that is prevalent through most of their music. There is an aura of resistance that makes you want to jam and break stuff! At the same time, it is reflected in an optimistic vibe throughout the video. We really get a good sense of the personality that The Red Flags put out–they’re fun loving rockers at heart and anyone who spends time in the music scene will tell you that the stigma of musicians being “serious and brooding” is basically…extremely false.

The video itself is packed full of personal moments with the band and is put together like a series of home video clips, which again is to me a huge 90’s staple. I can’t remember a single family event or otherwise from the 90’s that didn’t have someone there with a huge video recorder on their shoulder weighing them down. There is of course plenty of live footage that shows off the energy of The Red Flags as performers as well. So, all in all, this video has nothing but charm and that sweet, sweet nostalgia that everyone craves the taste of.

Besides the personal clips throughout, there is a central plot about Gabe and Jonah being robbed by a dude in a Batman mask! More proof that these dudes don’t take themselves too seriously, which is a refreshing thing to see in a scene that sometimes does take itself too seriously. Sometimes we need dudes like The Red Flags to remind us to lighten up!

The guys are of course oblivious to this ballsy Batman raiding their home until Gabe is woken up by Batman in the form of a pummeling! If you’re not familiar with the original Batman series (you know, the one with Adam West!), the fight scenes are very cheesy and campy, and they made sure to portray their robber Batman in the same way.

Meanwhile, Jonah is shown to be too absorbed in his book on the couch in the other room to even realize his brother has received a vicious pounding and robbery from Batman himself! Batman then returns to the kitchen and helps himself to a snack before letting himself out the door and on his merry way. Gabe is now awake enough again to get up and chase Batman out the door, but he is already gone. He stumbles across the street, where he finds Jonah hanging out on the ground behind a car having a cigarette. Gabe defeatedly has a seat in front of Jonah in the driveway. Gabe stares at Jonah, completely in disbelief because he’s just chilling. You can tell he’s thinking “Did…that seriously just happen??”

…There are also intermittent shots of Batman humping the air. Because why not? So…nice touch there too boys! Who DOESN’T want a humping Batman in their music video? It begs the question…is a music video really complete WITHOUT a humping Batman??

I laughed out loud throughout most of the video, and the song is gonna be stuck in my head for days because it’s catchy as hell! I’m not sure what getting robbed by Batman has to do with the lyrics of the song itself, as it is clearly about a “Lovely Woman” that is being lusted after. But, personally, I absolutely love when bands write a song about one thing and the music video has a completely unrelated story. The Red Flags pull it off with ease and it is incredibly fitting with the cavalier attitude that The Red Flags are known to carry.

The Red Flags are a band that has a lot of power and energy behind them, and it’s no wonder they gain a bigger and bigger fan base each and every day! Their reputation for their incredibly unique sound and stage presence is thriving in the best way! We look forward to see how far The Red Flags will go, and we strongly encourage you to get out there and see them for yourself!

Below are some upcoming dates and locations!


Dates for The Red Flags
August 2-  The Wisco- Madison, WI
August 4- RTM Bar LLC -Two Rivers,WI
August 10- The House Cafe -Dekalb, IL
August 18-Fire On Water- Milwaukee, WI
September 8- Cold Shot- Appleton, WI
September 25- The Annex- Madison, WI

The Red Flags are:
Jonah Wilson
Gabe Wilson
Lavonne Sieling

Find The Red Flags online!
Official Site


– Emily Mae and Cat Sullivan
Edited by Samantha Crocker

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